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Registration Information

Updated Tuesday December 20, 2016 by Petaluma National Little League.

Registration is open! Please take a moment to review information provided below before registering.  

  • In addition to the player registration information below, we need managers and coaches for all divisions. Please consider signing up to manage or coach during the registration process. PNLL will provide training and support throughout the season.

  1. Similar to last year, we are encouraging all participants to use the new document uploading feature* built into our registration system to upload both your birth certificate (new players only) and address verification documents.  If you upload the required documents and pay online, you are not required to attend in-person registration/verification. Once your documents have been uploaded and your registration is complete, they will be reviewed by our information officer, you will only be contacted if there is a question or concern.

    • *Note: If uploading 3 separate documents, then do not click upload until all 3 are “chosen”. Or, uploading one document that combines the 3 is easier with the online tool.

    • A medical authorization form will be generated from the information you provide during registration.  This form will be provided to your child's team manager for you to sign at your first team meeting/practice.

  2. Snack Shack: A $25 per player snack shack fee will now be charged upfront, during registration.  If you chose to work a shift in the snack shack, you will be reimbursed for this fee at the completion of our shift.  

Registration is for ages 6-16**:

  • Majors, AAA, AA, and Minis

  • 50/70

  • Seniors

**Use this calculator to determine league age Calculator.


  • Open now, and continues through Tuesday, January 18th.

  • Registration is on our website: Click on the registration banner at the top of the page.

  • Boundary Map

  • Cost is $190 for the first child, $160 for each additional sibling.

  • School waiver attached, please fill out and have your school administrator sign.

In-Person Registration/Verification** (Boys & Girls Club on Maria):

  • Thursday, January 12th      7:00pm – 9:00pm

  • Saturday, January 14th      9:00am – 1:00pm

  • Wednesday, January 18th  7:00pm – 9:00pm

*This is for you if you need to pay by check after registering on-line, did not yet register on-line, submit school waiver, or need to complete the registration process (ie., submit verification docs). We will have computers on-site for you to log into the website and register.

Season Information (Draft calendar available on our website):

  • Tryouts will be held January 28th.

  • Make-up tryouts will be held January 30th.

  • Practices may start on February 6th.

  • Opening Day will be held March 5th with the regular season running through the end of May.

  • Majors Division City Tournament: June 3rd to June 16th.

  • All-Star tournaments for AAA and AA generally begin just after the regular season ends.

  • 10, 11, and 12 year old all-star tournament teams are announced in mid June. Tournaments start the first weekend of July.


New 2017 Residence and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements

Beginning with the 2017 season, the following changes will be implemented for establishing residency and school attendance eligibility:


  • A school issued report card or performance record will no longer be accepted to establish school attendance.


  • Also, residence shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name. street address. city. state and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, 2016 (previous year) and February 1, 2017 (current year), from one or more documents from EACH of the three Groups outlined below:


Group I

  1. Driver's License

  2. School records

  3. Vehicle records (i.e., registration, lease, etc.)

  4. Employment records

  5. Insurance documents


Group II

  1. Welfare/child care records

  2. Federal records (i.e., Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)

  3. State records

  4. Local (municipal) records

  5. Support payment records

  6. Local (municipal)  records

  7. Support payment records

  8. Homeowner or tenant records

  9. Military records


Group III

  1. Voter's Registration

  2. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)

  3. Financial records

  4. Medical records

  5. Internet, cable, or satellite records


IMPORTANT NOTE: Example - Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill. and bank  statement) constitute only ONE document. Players who established "residence" or "school attendance"  for regular season and/or tournament  prior to the 2016-2017 season using the Player Verification  Form.  and can produce the form with proper proofs and signatures. will be grandfathered and will NOT need  to complete a new Player Verification Form.

II. A player will be deemed to attend school in the boundaries if:

A. The physical location of the school where they attend classes is within the boundaries established by the local league. Note: This excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, or preschool or after school where a student participates outside of the primary school the player is enrolled.

“School attendance” refers to the (place) physical location the player in question attends school during the traditional academic year. Once established, a location of school attendance shall not be considered changed unless the child is enrolled and attends another school or is no longer enrolled in the previous school.

School attendance shall be established and supported by a document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1, 2013 and with the physical location of the school, from ONE of the following categories to determine school attendance by such player:

  1. Official/Certified School enrollment record

  2. A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator (attached).

2017 PNLL Boundary.pdf
2017 School Waiver.pdf
2017 Residence Waivers
Draft PNLL Cal Updated 12 16