Updated Friday January 19, 2018 by Jared Vollmer.

50/70 evaluations will be held on 2/3 at 10am at Lucchesi Field (turf soccer field on Maria Drive near Boys & Girls Club and PALL)

The 50/70 division is played throughout Sonoma County.  The three Petaluma little leagues combine their players for usually 3-4 Petaluma teams who compete in a league against all other participating little leagues in the County, including Mark West, Santa Rosa American, Rincon Valley and others.   You play home and away games, typically 2 per week like Majors so your team would travel to Rincon Valley or Mark West and others for games with standings and playoffs and all stars including a run at the little league World Series just like Majors.  Last season the Petaluma all stars won the District 35 championship but lost in Sections.  If your son wanted to play lots of baseball it is very possible to play both 50/70 and the AE spring league as 50/70 games are played Monday through Saturday while the AE games are double headers on Sunday's only (at least they were least season).

The AE league is for 7th and 8th graders who are ineligible for Majors.  It is a league you have to try out for and if you don't make the cut (more than half that league will be returning as 8th graders this season that either played it last year or were cut last year but will make the cut this season for sure) and don't sign up for 50/70 you may not have a place to play this season.  The AE spring league is good but the plan in setting it up for the first time last year was to make it an "elite" league primarily for 13-14 year old 8th graders and the very best of the 13 year old (for little league) 7th graders.  They limit the league to around 50 players and 4 teams.

50/70 games are umpired by two high school level, paid umpires from North Coast Officials Association.  Games are professional and serious with talented players from all of the other leagues.  Some leagues place their very best 12 and 13 year olds in 50/70.  It is a great level to play.  Having a son who played fall travel ball at 54/80 for a season before going to play 50/70 last season and then going back to play 54/80 this past fall I felt his experience was not one where his progression as a player went backwards.  He continued to improve.  Trying to hit faster pitching from 50 feet away rather than 54 or 60 feet is actually harder.

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