Carter Field Parking

Updated Friday March 31, 2017 by PNLL.

Parking for Carter Field is located above the fields in the Petaluma Junior High School Parking Lots at: 

700 Bantam Way, Petaluma, CA 94952


Handicap Parking:  There are two handicap spots at the base of the major division field for those needing assistance.  Please display your plaque or sticker.

Additionally, if those spots are taken, please do drive up anyone needing extra assistance. We ask that you do not park along the Baptist Church building or along the fence across from the handicap parking spots. 

More Info Regarding Parking:

We have recently received some concerns from our local neighborhood as it relates to the parking situation along Webster Street and Sonoma Avenue. There have been instances of our families parking along these areas and in some cases blocking driveways and littering the streets. When we signed our lease agreement with Petaluma City Schools, part of the agreement was a parking and access clause concerning the Webster Street access. The following is an excerpt from an e-mail explaining our commitment to the Webster Street access:

We may not use the Webster Street entrance for ANY vehicular access, be it parking on Webster or Sonoma or even simply dropping off children. This commitment came out of the Environmental Impact Report that was required for this project. It is a deal-breaker for our Agreement and could easily be used by a neighbor to negate the Agreement. Therefore, the League maintains a zero-tolerance policy for breaking this rule. One thoughtless and selfish person could literally destroy 10 years of work and $1,800,000 of field improvements. Please note however, that pedestrian or bicycle access from Webster Ave. is ENCOURAGED so long as you do not simply park down the street and then walk in. We realize that this arrangement is less than optimal, but it is what it is and it isn’t going to change. Please encourage your player’s families to use the PJHS parking lot for activities as they relate to the field.

As you can see from the preceding information, we really need to make a conscious effort to not use the Webster Street and Sonoma Avenue areas for parking or drop off. Please make every effort to park in the Petaluma Junior High’s parking lot. We would hate for something like a parking issue to be the reason that our lease does not get renewed with Petaluma City Schools. Please help us preserve the countless hours donated by many volunteers and abide by the parking condition as outlined in our lease agreement. Let’s respect the neighbor’s wishes and hold up our end of the agreement. Thank you for your continued support of Petaluma National Little League!!

Go National!

PNLL Board of Directors