• 2018 Board Members

    Board Positions for 2017 - 2018 President: Jennifer Soper Vice President: Al Romano Secretary: Jared Vollmer Treasurer: Jorge Servin Player Agents: Jennifer Zarco and Nancy Osman S... More
  • Supplemental Baseball Training Opportunities

    Posting some of the non-PNLL baseball trainings/leagues available from organizations that sponsored helped PNLL this year: Sonoma State University: Athletic Edge TopSpeedB... More
  • Scooter Policy

    Scooters at Carter Field must: Be operated outside of the concrete area. This is the space from the Minors and Majors dugouts to the snack shack and from the Snack Shack out to the dugouts located nearest We... More
  • No Tobacco or Alcohol Reminder

    TOBACCO/ E-CIGARETTES/ CHEWING TABACCO & ALCOHOL USE AT PETALUMA NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE FIELDS As everyone should be aware, the use of any Tobacco products at Petaluma National Little League Fields is pr... More
  • Carter Field Parking

    Parking for Carter Field is located above the fields in the Petaluma Junior High School Parking Lots at:  700 Bantam Way, Petaluma, CA 94952 PLEASE DO NOT PARK ALONG WEBSTER STREET and SONOMA AVE or IN THE ... More